Giant Killers: Top 10 games ripe for an early upset

Monmouth vs. Syracuse? St. Bonaventure vs. Tulsa? That was so two hours ago. Here at GK Central, we're elbow deep in spreadsheets. We'll have full regional breakdowns of every first-round matchup tomorrow, and a look at the second round on Tuesday. But as usual, we wanted to get you our top-10 potential first-round upsets as quickly as possible.

If you like upsets, the committee wasn't particularly helpful. Top Giant Killers such as Cincinnati and VCU ended up in games without GK implications (meaning no five-seed difference). Michigan has to win a play-in game before it can load its slingshot. Same with Wichita State. And potentially dangerous Killers like Chattanooga and Stony Brook drew tough matchups with Indiana and Kentucky, respectively. Still, in this year of parity -- or mediocrity, depending on your mood -- upsets are certainly the cards. Here then are the likeliest slayings in Round 1.