Should Syracuse fear a tourney upset?

After a loss to Boston College, has Syracuse been exposed? Rich Barnes/Getty Images

You could see it coming. Each escape -- increasingly narrow -- felt like a harbinger of a greater collapse to come. And sure enough, at home against a 6-19 squad, Syracuse blew a 13-point lead in the second half to fall to Boston College on Wednesday. One moment, the Orange were undefeated. The next, they were supremely vulnerable.

It wasn’t hard to fathom the resulting reaction: visions of Syracuse failing to make it out of the NCAA tourney’s first weekend. It sure seems possible given the way the Orange have played of late. But is it valid? If only there were some beacon of truth, some mystical force, an oracle of sorts capable of peering through Syracuse’s muddled present to present a clear picture of the future.

Oh, right. This is a job for the Giant Killers model. So, is Syracuse Cinderella-proof?