Most likely round of 32 upsets

Tom Izzo and the Spartans may have to sweat out their potential second NCAA tournament game. Rich Barnes/Icon SMI

At GK Central, we're nothing if not a full-service organization. And because your bracket doesn't stop after one round, neither will we. Below, you'll find upset forecasts for a host of possible third-round (aka round of 32) matchups.

That doesn't mean we'll look at every game. We won't forecast any wins by 16-seeds or 15-seeds because the odds of an upset are just too long. And the potential matchups must meet the Giant Killers criteria. For instance, if Syracuse meets Kansas State in the round of 32, that doesn't count as a Giant Killer game (the Wildcats are from a power conference). But if Southern Miss emerges, we'll get our GK on. So, enjoy ... and tread carefully.