It's a huge year for potential upsets

Now that the brackets are out, we can finally take a look at the first-round matchups with Giant Killer implications. We should start off by reminding you that if you haven't read our methodology, look at the quick version under the logo to the right or the full version right here. That way, you won't wonder why we aren't including any 7/10 or 8/9 games, or why Washington and Minnesota can't be Giant Killers, despite being 11-seeds. (The reason is that they're from BCS conferences, and thus aren't sneaking up on anyone.) Again, all our data is geared toward searching for a particular kind of upset -- a lesser-known team rising up and beating someone in a game that will be remembered forever. No one can say that about, say, Arizona's victory as a 12-seed in the first round last year.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at the Giant Killer first-round matchups. We'll have more detailed breakdowns -- including a percentage chance of an upset in each GK game -- on Monday and Tuesday. But it's worth saying this right now, in bold: An unprecedented number of Giant Killers are in position to pull off big upsets. (NOTE: These numbers will change somewhat on Monday to reflect updated season stats from Sunday's games.)