Aaron Rodgers not thrilled with 'Game of Thrones' finale or mis-ID's in cameo

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- To say Aaron Rodgers is a "Game of Thrones" enthusiast is to say he’s also a pretty fair quarterback.

And he spoke just as passionately about one of his favorite shows as he did about the Green Bay Packers’ new offense during a lively session with reporters following Tuesday’s OTA practice.

If you want the football part of that, you can find it here.

But when it came to "Game of Thrones," he made two things clear: He didn’t like the ending, and he wasn’t happy that people misidentified him in the very brief cameo he made in the penultimate episode.

First, his role: Some thought he was the person running from the fire. Others thought he was one of the archers in red.

“It wasn’t the guy that got burned up and I’m disappointed in every person who actually said that was me because, if you watch that person run, they’re a total non-athlete,” Rodgers said. “Total non-athlete. I wasn’t the archer, either, although that person definitely looked like me.”

When asked if he was the guy who stood near the bell tower, Rodgers reluctantly said: “Sure.”

And now for the spoiler alert portion of Rodgers’ GOT rant.

Did he like how it ended?

“No,” he said emphatically. “I love the show and it was a great 10 years, but no. You come down to the end and Tyrion says the person with the best story is Bran? Who, by the way, three episodes ago said he wasn't Bran Stark anymore. No, Jon had a better story. Dany had a better story. Arya had a better story Sansa had a better story. Tyrion had a better story. Varys had a better story. Bronn, a lot better story. Jaime better story. Cersei, probably better stories. Any Baratheon better story.”

When asked who should have been on the throne, Rodgers said: “I think Dany should've been on the throne. Here's my last theory about it -- if Bran, the three-eyed raven who is all about the health of the realm, he basically wanted the throne the whole time -- because he's the one who told the Starks, knowing Sansa would tell Tyrion, knowing Tyrion would talk to Varys, knowing they'd scheme for Dany's death, knowing that would piss her off, which led her to be the mad queen. So he the entire time kind of set this whole thing up? And at the end he said I don't want to be king, but why did I travel this whole way to be here? No. Look. I love the opportunity to be on the show, which most people don't think I was, but I was there. I love the show, but the writers are also doing ‘Star Wars,’ so I think they might have been a little busy this last season.”