Has Drummond fixed his free throws?

Andre Drummond's free throw shooting is an area both the Detroit Pistons and fantasy owners everywhere continue to watch closely, as I pointed out in my fantasy column this week. On Thursday, we were reminded why sample size matters.

When Drummond made 9 of his first 12 attempts from the stripe during the preseason, the temptation might have been to consider him vastly improved from the 37.1 percent shooter he was as a rookie. And there's still a chance he could be.

However, Drummond's 0-3 effort at the line on Thursday droped him down to 9-15 (60 percent) in exhibition play, and is further proof that it's going to take some time to know for sure whether the Pistons' second-year center is in fact better in that area. It's worth noting, too, that Drummond shot just 29.5 percent (26-88) at the line in his one year at UConn, which adds some doubt as to how improved he'll actually be as a second-year pro.

If he isn't, Drummond's prominent role in the Pistons' lineup this season could lead to some hack-a-Drummond moments throughout the year.