Jason Terry: I bleed blue, I'm a Maverick

Jason Terry was traded to the Sacramento Kings in February as part of a deal with the Brooklyn Nets and he clearly wants out. Terry never reported to the Kings as he was still dealing with a bad knee and he decided to continue his rehab in Dallas. If Terry could have his way he would not leave Texas.

“I won’t rule out returning back to Dallas,” Terry, 36, told a Dallas radio station, according to The Sacramento Bee. “It’s my home and my heart,” Terry said. “I bleed blue. I’m a Maverick."

Terry's contract runs though the coming season and he's set to earn $5.85 million. Terry would gladly accept a buyout, but the Kings have no desire to that right now, according to Jason Jones.

“They’re in transition right now. For me, at this point in my career, I want championships, Terry said.

The Kings don't need a bad attitude in the locker room so at some point they will likely reach an agreement with Terry which reduces their financial liability and grants him his wish to possibly sign with the Mavs.