All-American picks for next three seasons

It’s difficult enough to try to figure out who will be a preseason All-American for the upcoming season, much less who will be an All-American by season's end. But we’ve got a pretty solid grasp on that one.

It’s the next two seasons that are even tougher, largely because we don’t even know at which college some of these guys will be playing. However, since we've already given you an in-depth look at the future this week with our College Basketball Future Power Rankings, we’ll do our best to again bring out our crystal ball and give you a glimpse of what the All-American teams could look like in each of the next three seasons: 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16.


C -- Julius Randle, 6-9, 250, Fr., Kentucky Wildcats -- He’s more of a power forward, but Randle is physically able to stand up to just about anyone in the college ranks. Randle is a beast -- big, strong, athletic and more skilled than people realize. Don’t be surprised if he’s Kentucky’s leading scorer and rebounder.

F -- Andrew Wiggins, 6-8, 220, Fr., Kansas Jayhawks -- The quick and ultra-athletic Canadian has so much natural ability, and he should be one of the nation’s best players. However, it may take time. It’ll be interesting to see if Wiggins puts up mammoth numbers this season.