Is Harvard the next mid-major power?

Tommy Amaker and Siyani Chambers are aiming for the NCAA tournament again. Joe Murphy/Getty Images

A year ago, Tommy Amaker’s Harvard Crimson were written off after two starters -- arguably the team’s top two players -- had to withdraw from school after an academic scandal that hit more than 100 students.

Now, Amaker has Kyle Casey and Brandyn Curry back and they will integrate themselves into a team that shocked just about everyone by winning the Ivy League and notching the program’s first NCAA tournament win.

“I have told them to do all the same things I told them last year,” Amaker told ESPN.com. “Not to buy into the hype.”

“I know it won’t be easy,” he added. “These are 18- to 22-year-old kids. There’s a lot of talk, and who wouldn’t be excited?”

Harvard’s players might wind up avoiding getting caught up in the preseason accolades, but there should be no shortage of people talking about the Crimson running the table in the Ivy to, gulp, even a Final Four run.