Only one option for hot commodity Amaker

Tommy Amaker has no shortage of job options ... if he wants them. Andrew Richardson/USA TODAY Sports

Tommy Amaker wasn’t supposed to have options. The move to Harvard was set to be the final stop after mediocre stints at Seton Hall and Michigan.

Instead, Amaker has taken Harvard from an Ivy laughingstock to a league power.

Harvard was a graveyard job. No one wanted it. There was no history. The Crimson hadn’t gone to the NCAA tournament. Ever. Now Amaker has taken the program to three straight tourney appearances -- and after a victory over No. 5 Cincinnati on Thursday, Harvard has won a tournament game two straight seasons.

Amaker is hot, but it may not matter.

Boston College may well come calling now that athletic director Brad Bates jettisoned Steve Donahue. Amaker and his wife love their current situation, but how could he turn down twice the salary without even so much as having to move residences?