Harrisons' NBA draft stock surging

Aaron Harrison's tournament showing has impressed some NBA evaluators. Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports

INDIANAPOLIS -- They came in with all the hype, the inevitability that they would both become the next one-and-dones in the factory that John Calipari created shortly after his 2009 arrival in Kentucky.

However, Andrew and Aaron Harrison struggled. Aaron was a big, strong shooting guard who had difficulty consistently making shots. His brother, Andrew, looked completely lost and out of sync while trying to run the point.

“Vastly overrated” were the words thrown around. Not just by me, but also by the majority of the NBA executives who watched them play throughout the season.

Averages athletes. Mediocre shooters. Subpar defenders. Poor body language. They took an absolute beating.

Most of the NBA folks didn’t even mention either Harrison as a potential first-round pick in December, January and even February, and the Twins were well-aware they were sliding down the draft boards.

“You play bad and people say you’re not good enough,” Andrew said after Sunday's Elite Eight win over Michigan that catapulted the Wildcats to the Final Four. “It’s motivation.”