Recruiting boost coming for Pac-12

Steve Alford and Andy Enfield both stand to benefit from an increase in West Coast recruiting talent. Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS -- Steve Alford and Andy Enfield are set up to succeed.

Ben Howland was crucified by many of his former players for his system, but it was more than a lack of freedom in his offensive approach that became the ex-UCLA coach’s undoing in Westwood.

Late in his tenure, there just wasn’t that much elite talent on the West Coast.

Kevin O’Neill, Enfield’s predecessor at USC, maintained he didn’t want to get one-and-done kids, that he’d prefer the grind-it-out, four-year players. But the truth was that there weren’t all that many one-and-done candidates in California to begin with, and O’Neill couldn’t get the few elite in-state recruits in recent years, anyway.

But all of that is about to change. In the coming years, there should be plenty of elite West Coast talent to go around. And UCLA and USC won't be the only programs in position to benefit.