Law: Cardinals get a slight edge in rare prospect-for-prospect deal

Playing here for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic, Tyler O'Neill has 75 homers in his last three seasons in the minors. Juan Salas/Icon Sportswire

We don't see many one-for-one prospect deals, so the trade of Tyler O'Neill and Marco Gonzales is already unusual, but it's even more peculiar to see one with both players already in Triple-A and both ready for the majors -- or close to it.

The Cardinals probably come out ahead on this deal, but I say that with a pretty low degree of confidence and base it primarily on the fact that they acquired the position player in the trade and traded a pitcher who's still coming back from Tommy John surgery.

O'Neill is a 22-year-old corner outfielder who has had a mediocre season in Triple-A, hitting .244/.328/.479, although it's largely come against older competition. O'Neill has been hitting better of late -- but that's a function of the schedule, with half of his games so far in July coming at Reno (elevation 4,505 feet) and Albuquerque (5,312 feet).