MLB Buyer's Guide: Relief pitchers

Craig Kimbrel, Jonathan Papelbon and Jake McGee could all be trade targets this offseason. Getty Images, USA Today Sports

Editor's note: Now that free agency has started, Keith Law picks out possible best values, worst values and trade targets across every position group. He started with catchers, followed that with corner infielders, middle infielders, outfielders and starting pitchers, and now continues the annual series with a look at the relief pitchers who have hit free agency, as well as some potential trade targets.

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With only two relievers among my top 40 free agents, I'll skip the "top free agents" section today and move along to some other relievers who are likely to get heavy interest this offseason.

Non-top 50 free agents of note

Antonio BastardoAntonio Bastardo, LHP: He's extremely effective against left-handed batters (.138/.233/.215 in 2015, .175/.302/.338 in 2014) and useful enough against right-handed pitchers to be a setup man, or at least to not be a liability as a specialist. The problem with one-out lefty relievers is they'll probably still face right-handed batters half the time, maybe more often, and if they have large platoon splits, they're suddenly a lot less practical to have on a roster. Bastardo is a lefty generalist, the guy to target if you don't get Tony Sipp.

Brandon MorrowBrandon Morrow, RHP: I had Morrow in last year's Buyer's Guide for relievers, saying he belonged in the bullpen because he couldn't stay healthy as a starter. The Padres signed him last winter, gave him five starts, and he shocked absolutely no one by getting hurt, going down with a tear in his shoulder that required surgery.