Law: Phillies, Angels upgrade infields with pair of this offseason's most coveted free agents

Santana anchors Phillies lineup (0:57)

Buster Olney breaks down the Phillies' decision to sign Carlos Santana to a three-year contract. (0:57)

Carlos Santana was my No. 5 free agent on my top 50 rankings -- No. 6 if you want to count Shohei Ohtani, who wasn't eligible when I wrote the list -- and was very briefly the highest-ranked free agent to sign so far this winter when he agreed to a three-year, $60 million deal with the Phillies. That's a bit higher than I would have gone but probably in line with the market this winter, which is short of potential impact bats, and he's a particularly good fit at the plate for Philadelphia -- although his arrival does create a bit of a jam at first base.

Santana is an OBP machine, with season rates from .357 to .377 over the past six years, and that is something the Phillies sorely lacked in 2017, with a team OBP of .315 that ranked third from the bottom in the NL. They did project to improve in that department even before adding Santana, with Rhys Hoskins playing every day for them (.396 OBP in 50 games, .386 career in full-season minor leagues) and J.P. Crawford (.356 in 23 September games, .362 in full-season minors) replacing Freddy Galvis' .309 OBP at shortstop. If Odubel Herrera, who had his worst year as a hitter in the majors in 2017, can regain even some of the patience he showed the year before, this could be a substantially better offensive lineup this season, still below average in the power department but average or better at getting men on base.