Texas Rangers: Top prospects report

Scouts say 18-year-old Leody Taveras projects to being well above-average major-league regular who'll make some All-Star teams, but that might not happen for a few years. Mike Janes/Four Seam Images via AP

This system is incredibly young, which is the flip side of saying there isn't a lot of help coming at the upper levels right now, other than the two starting pitchers the Rangers placed on the top 100. The Rangers have traded out of their system very aggressively the past few years, including megadeals for Cole Hamels and Jonathan Lucroy. While the big league team is much improved, the farm’s upper levels are the thinnest they’ve been in six or seven years. There was a lot to like in low-A and short-season for the Rangers last year, but those are prospects for the next wave.

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