Law: A first-hand look at Aaron Nola and the Phillies of the future

Aaron Nola has used his change up to great effect this season and is emerging as the Phillies ace. Eric Hartline/USA TODAY Sports

In watching Yu Darvish and the Dodgers on Tuesday night, I also had a chance to scout the Philadelphia Phillies and Aaron Nola. The right-hander has emerged this year as the Phillies' nominal ace, and not too far from a bona fide one as his changeup has gone from a non-factor to a legitimately above-average pitch in about a year.

Nola is aggressive and pitches off his 90-93 mph fastball, which has some two-seam tailing action but is probably his least effective pitch. He uses it to try to get ahead, occasionally elevating it for a swing-and-miss, but really goes after hitters with the plus curveball and, now, that changeup. He alters the mix to righties (more curveballs) and lefties (more changeups) but uses all three pitches in any count, enough that I don't think you could truly advise any hitter on what to look for in any situation.