Roy Halladay a HOF test case

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Roy Halladay's retirement brought about the usual postcareer canonization we hear when any very good player hangs them up -- He's a surefire Hall of Famer! He's a lock! If he's not a Hall of Famer, just tear the place down!

There's a five-year waiting period between a player's retirement and his first year on the ballot, a lag I always assumed was there to help escape the emotional response to the end of a great player's career and add the perspective that distance can provide. Halladay may very well get into the Hall of Fame, and I'd certainly be thrilled to see him get in as a fan and as someone who got to see several of his best years up close when I was working for Toronto, but I don't think his case, examined objectively, is quite so clear-cut.

In fact, Hall voters have summarily rejected a number of pitchers comparable to Halladay, which is why I think Halladay could turn out to be a very interesting test case for the modern era.

Halladay's HOF résumé

Halladay's case for the Hall revolved around his high, lengthy peak, as he won two Cy Young Awards, deserving both of them, and having a solid case for a third in 2011, while ranking in the top five in his league in Baseball Reference's WAR eight times, all in a 10-year span.