My MVP and Cy Young picks

Yes, folks, Mike Trout should be on the verge of his second straight MVP. AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

On Monday, I revealed my rookie of the year ballots (I voted in the National League). Today I wanted to reveal what my ballots would look like for the other major player awards. Again, I only voted for NL ROY, so this is for the purpose of discussion.

National League Cy Young

1. Clayton Kershaw

2. Adam Wainwright

3. Cliff Lee

4. Matt Harvey

5. Jose Fernandez

This one was a rout, and the first-place vote that Wainwright received is quite a bit surprising. Wainwright was a pretty clear No. 2 for me, with Lee third as he was below Wainwright in WAR (per FanGraphs) and pitched in 19 fewer innings.