Stallings reversing course on Jeter-to-Pitt?

UPDATE: Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings and other decision-makers in the program are possibly close to changing their decision regarding blocking freshman forward Sheldon Jeter from transferring to Pittsburgh, reports Matt Steinbrink of PantherLair.com. The reaction to Stallings's decision to block Jeter from transferring to Pitt has been largely negative in the media, though yesterday's report by Andy Katz about Jeter not meeting face-to-face with Stallings before tweeting out his decision muddled sentiments a bit. Either way, Vanderbilt is suffering some measure of public scorn right now and unblocking the Jeter-to-Pitt transfer seems like it could be the best move PR-wise for the Commodores.


Even before Sheldon Jeter announced he was transferring from Vanderbilt, the assumed destination was Pitt. The Pennsylvania native was rumored ready to leave the SEC-based school, and with a bountiful block of frontcourt minutes available, the Panthers made the most sense as Jeter's destination. However, there might be a hold-up that prevents Jeter from transferring to the ACC program.