Kentucky in precarious position

UPDATE: Kentucky did not get past Georgia and the Wildcats' fate is even more uncertain than it was yesterday. It seems clear to all those in the college basketball world at the moment that the Wildcats are on the outside looking in. What's up in the air is how far out John Calipari's team is. Currently, they are in the "next four out" category of Joe Lunardi's projected bracket. In talking with Rece Davis, Bob Knight said, "If the tournament selection was tomorrow, I think they'd be in trouble. But let's look ahead for Kentucky. They get a chance to play Florida. If they beat Florida and win a game or two in the SEC tournament, then I think they're right back in the thick of things." Even this is in question, though -- beating Florida might not be enough when other teams do not falter the way the Wildcats have. We'll know much more if they come out of Lexington with a victory.