How much should Seattle pay Sherman?

Richard Sherman is an elite cornerback. But how much is he worth to Seattle? Steve Dykes/Getty Images

SEATTLE -- Two of the NFL's best cornerbacks went to work at CenturyLink Field in Week 9. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Darrelle Revis entered the game leading the 2013 corner rankings at Pro Football Focus, while the Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman ranks tied for the league lead in interceptions since 2012 and will command a fat raise within the next year or so. Revis earns $16 million a year, but what is a great cornerback worth, anyway?

The Bucs are 0-8, even with Revis playing well. They have needed a quarterback worth $16 million a year more than they have needed a corner earning that much (although to be fair, Mike Glennon played well for them Sunday). And as great as Sherman has been for Seattle, the Seahawks were a 7-9 team (twice) before Russell Wilson resolved their QB quandary. The two corners Seattle put into the Pro Bowl most recently came to them via a fifth-round draft choice (Sherman) and the CFL (Brandon Browner).

Around the league, have teams gotten their money's worth from the highest-paid corners? An agent and team executive provide answers while setting expectations for Sherman, whose rookie deal runs through 2014. Should the Seahawks give him a mega deal?