Ranking Week 17's biggest games

Can Tony Romo and Jason Garrett lead the Cowboys to the postseason? Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT

Week 17, also known as Super Bowl week in Dallas, is going to be a wild one not just in Texas, but across the NFL. At least 10 teams will fight for five playoff berths, four teams will claim division titles and, in a shocker, Seattle might not be one of them. It's possible, if not quite likely, for the NFC North winner to finish 8-7-1 while the NFC West loser goes 8-8 and comes away with the top choice in the 2014 draft.

Our guide to the madness begins in the NFC East, ends in the NFC North and covers every NFL team along the way. It's our game-by-game look at Week 17, ranking each matchup by greatest significance. Fans in Philadelphia, Dallas, Green Bay, Chicago, Arizona, New Orleans, Baltimore, Miami, San Diego, Pittsburgh and possibly San Francisco may or may not have teams to watch in the playoffs. Which ones are worth watching, anyway?

Here are the Week 17 games in order of importance:

1. Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

This is the only game in the league with a playoff spot on the line for both teams and a question about one of the head coaches' immediate job security. The winner takes the NFC East title and the third or fourth seed in the NFC. The loser is finished. And if the Cowboys lose, we'll find out if owner Jerry Jones was serious when he said Jason Garrett would return for a fourth season as head coach. If the teams tie, the Eagles take the division and the Cowboys are done. This one will play out in prime time Sunday night whether or not the nation is ready for another Dallas drama.