Teams primed for a good offseason

The Browns have cap space, draft flexibility and emerging stars such as WR Josh Gordon. AP Photo/Tony Dejak

The Cleveland Browns have recently been a disgrace by their own sagging standards. Their owner, Jimmy Haslam, has pretty much admitted it. He called himself a "work in progress" while struggling with the "learning curve" associated with becoming an NFL team owner.

Time will tell if Haslam finally has the right people in place, but we can all agree the process was painful and sometimes even pitiful.

Now, for the good news. The Browns are set up for a successful offseason from this point forward. That doesn't mean they're going to have one, but in putting together my list of five teams in prime position to help themselves over the coming months, Cleveland kept rising toward the top. The Browns are keeping quality company in that regard. I've got San Francisco and New England on my short list, along with St. Louis and Atlanta.

Which one ranks No. 1 and why aren't the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks among those listed? A closer look provides some answers