The case for taking Manziel, for 11 teams

One player in the 2014 NFL draft has the power to instantly transform an irrelevant franchise into a compelling one. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel stands alone in that regard. He's the X factor in the top 10 selections, the player hard-core football people see "moving the needle" enough for a team owner to pressure his decision-makers into selecting Manziel with an early choice.

"It will be hard for some owners to not push," one general manager predicted.

"There are a couple of teams with the owner very much in play," a veteran agent said.

The Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders are two of those teams, and with Manziel, an owner might not need to push very hard, if at all, because the talent is obvious enough for some evaluators to fall in love with Manziel on their own. The case for drafting Manziel applies beyond Cleveland and Oakland, reaching teams with established and semi-established starters already in place. We'll take a harder look at those teams here. It's the most topical subject in the NFL, not just in the media but inside the league as well.