NFL teams who could target a new QB

The Texans, Vikings and Bears should all be considering acquiring a QB for various reasons. Getty Images, USA TODAY Sports

It's possible that most NFL fans fretting about their teams' quarterback situations feel better after watching the Minnesota Vikings complete 37.7 percent of their passes Monday night. Bad is bad, but what the Vikings put on display during their Week 7 defeat to the New York Giants was palpably worse.

Quarterback Josh Freeman gets a partial pass given that he signed with the Vikings less than two weeks before kickoff. That doesn't change the facts. Anyone watching realized Minnesota had moved no closer to solving its quarterback problem.

The Vikings are not alone. They've got company on a short list featuring teams with urgent needs at the position. Some are more pressing than others. We sort through them all and consider, to the extent feasible, which college prospects might help them take the next step behind center.