Best head coach fits for Houston Texans

Ken Whisenhunt's tenure in Arizona and success with Philip Rivers make him a prime candidate. Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Gary Kubiak is out after nearly eight seasons as the Houston Texans' head coach. You can bet the organization has been doing its homework on potential successors while the season slipped away.

Diligent team owners call around the league for suggestions when compiling lists of suitable head coaches for their organizations. Open-ended questions tend to be flawed, however, because the most promising candidate isn't always the best one for the job. So much depends upon what the organization is seeking from its next coach. Does the team want a playcaller or a program builder? A former head coach or someone experienced in personnel? These questions matter a great deal.

Texans owner Bob McNair has indicated he wants to win with the existing talent in Houston and that he's interested in someone with enough experience to avoid the growing pains associated with on-the-job training. He already has a general manager in Rick Smith and wants to use the remaining games to evaluate quarterback Case Keenum before hiring a head coach. So who's the best fit?

While McNair already confirmed plans to speak with former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith, I see three others who could be better candidates for this specific position based on the desire to win right away, with minimal disruption, and also fix the quarterback situation.