Colts can run with AFC's best

In a flawed AFC, T.Y. Hilton and the Colts can rise to the top. Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports

Nothing much about the Indianapolis Colts' shocking 45-44 victory Saturday felt sustainable. Falling behind 38-10, as the Colts did before rallying to beat the Chiefs, amplified familiar questions about Indy's viability as a Super Bowl contender. It would be easy to write off this team as too flawed for sustained playoff success. But if you've been following the Colts over the past couple seasons, you know this wasn't the first time quarterback Andrew Luck led them back against long odds. It might not be the last time in these playoffs, either.

Yeah, the Colts are dangerous, and not just to themselves. The way I see things, they're on a collision course with the top-seeded Denver Broncos in the divisional round, and even if their playoff ride takes a detour through New England, this imperfect team has to like its chances against a vulnerable AFC field.