Cal Poly Pomona's Ponce showing upside

Scott Wu via Cal Poly Athletics

Cal Poly Pomona right-hander Cody Ponce looked like a no-doubt first-round pick for his first few innings of work on Saturday. Then fatigue started to suck the life out of his stuff.

Early on, Ponce sat between 92 and 94 mph with some late sink and run, flashed a plus curveball and a plus cutter and showed some feel for how to spin a changeup. He also had his share of hiccups; plenty of cutters simply didn't move, a few breaking balls went untamed and never broke back down toward the zone and one pitch sailed clear over everyone's head and hit the backstop about eight feet up.

Ponce's stuff was good enough to induce vocal interjections from scouts reminiscent of the way I sound watching Food Network late at night.