Three biggest questions for 2014 draft

Brady Aiken is one of this year's top two prep pitchers, but it's unclear who is No. 3. AP Photo/Four Seam Images/Mike Janes

May has finally arrived, and as one scouting director put it when I discussed the draft with him this week, these past few months have been "flat-out weird," and we still have one more month for things to potentially get even weirder. This year has had as many peaks and valleys involving the top talents as any in recent history, and any consensus that might have been established over the early spring has been smashed into pieces at this point.

"I'm going to keep it positive and say the reason we have so many unanswered questions is because we have so many talented players this year," an NL scout said. "Have there been some disappointments? Sure, but I think those struggles have been overblown just a bit because there's so much close competition at really every position. This is far from a perfect class, but I don't think it deserves the flack it's gotten from some."

With just 35 days left until the draft, here's a look at the three biggest questions that have yet to be answered surrounding the 2014 draft class.

Who is the real Carlos Rodon?

We've talked about Carlos Rodon a lot over the past three months, and for good reason. Simply put, when the N.C. State left-hander is pitching at his best, he's as good -- if not better -- than every other pitching prospect in this draft.

Unfortunately, we have only seen Rodon at his best sporadically in 2014, and we still haven't seen him put back-to-back starts together where he's looked as though he's worthy of the No. 1 pick.