Draft prospects with the most upside

When discussing a prospect, you often hear scouts refer to where a player's "ceiling" or "floor" is. Simply put, the terms refer to the best- and worst-case scenario for said player; the ceiling is what you could expect if everything goes right in a prospect's development, and the floor is what you can expect if the development were to stall or not happen at all.

Here's a look at the prospects we believe to have the highest ceilings of the players available for the 2014 draft, with the highest floors coming next week.

Highest-ceiling prep bat: Michael Gettys, OF, Gainesville (Georgia) HS

Georgia has produced some of the best prep talent in the past two drafts, with Byron Buxton, Clint Frazier and Austin Meadows all coming from the Peach State and becoming top-10 picks. Though he's unlikely to be drafted that high, Gettys could be the next in line.

In terms of pure athleticism, there is no better player in this year's class than Gettys.