LSU's Nola starting to win over skeptics

Aaron Nola's low arm angle has made many scouts doubt his upside. Crystal LoGiudice/USA TODAY Sports

The bad weather from last week that effected every series east of Texas was nowhere to be found this weekend, and though there hasn't yet been that "pop-up" guy we've seen in the past like Jonathan Gray last year or Andrew Heaney the year before, there have been some excellent performances by some of the more well-known commodities in this year's draft class.

And while early performances are -- and should be -- generally taken with a grain of salt, getting off to a good start and showing consistency early on is something scouts and front-office members can appreciate.

This week we saw more dominating efforts from the Friday aces, a potential "return" to prominence from one of the more famous hurlers in the Sunshine State, and three of the best collegiate bats make good impressions in Southern California.

Nola dominates

There are several arms in the 2014 class who draw varying levels of opinions, but none more so on the collegiate side than LSU right-hander Aaron Nola. Efforts like the one he made Friday night however, could go a long way into converting those who believe he can't be a starter at the next level.

Nola dominated Virginia Tech Friday night, giving up no hits in seven innings of work, walking one and striking out nine.