Stats that matter for 2014 prospects

Aaron Nola's low arm angle has made many scouts doubt his upside. Crystal LoGiudice/USA TODAY Sports

If you’re someone who follows the draft, you’ve likely heard the term "stat scouting" before, and you’ve probably heard it in a negative context. The thought being that if is someone looking at a player's results and assuming how good the player will be without actually looking at how the player achieved said statistics, that;s a bad way to evaluate.

The term can also imply that clubs don’t look at statistics when evaluating potential prospects for the draft, and that simply isn’t the case. Several teams have statistical analysts assigned to process pitching, hitting and defensive numbers, and while they are far from the deciding factor, to say that they are completely ignored is incorrect.

“You hear the term process and result a lot,” a long-time American League scout said. “And while I think that term gets overused, that’s really what we’re doing with statistics. If you just flat out ignore the numbers you’re going to get left behind, because they do tell part of the story.