Best tools in the 2014 draft

Over the past two weeks, we have discussed the players with the most upside as well as the "safest" players available for the 2014 draft.

This week, we break things down a little further and take a look at the players with the best individual tools in this year's class. While one skill doesn't make a prospect, it can be a major deciding factor for teams that are looking for any way to separate players in a muddled draft class.

"The whole package is obviously more important," an NL Central scout said. "But knowing that a guy has that one standout tool is a huge benefit. If you're debating between two players and you know that the pitcher has that ridiculous changeup or that the shortstop is going to be able to play plus defense, it makes it easier to justify taking a guy early.

"I wouldn't call it specialization, but having an idea that a player has at least one thing that can allow him to be an effective big leaguer is definitely valuable."

Here's a look at the players with the best individual tools of the 2014 class.

Best fastball

College: Nick Burdi, RHP, Louisville -- Burdi has easily the most dominant fastball in the collegiate class.