Showalter's tenure in Baltimore

Following a 93-win season and a trip to the postseason, the Baltimore Orioles awarded manager Buck Showalter with a five-year contract that was finalized last week. Job security is a rarity in professional sports, and Showalter will arrive in spring training knowing that only one of his players, outfielder Adam Jones, has a contract as long as the manager's.

But will Showalter be around by the time the contract runs out in 2018? In Sunday's New York Daily News, Bill Madden says it’s "not at all a given" the skipper will complete all five years of the deal. Showalter reportedly has told those close to him he is getting tired of the late-night plane flights and some other details of the job. Madden says there are said to be out-clauses in the new contract should Showalter choose to depart before the end of the deal.