Soriano to Dodgers?

Rafael Soriano remains a free agent but the Los Angeles Dodgers are considering signing the right-handed closer, ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney tweeted Monday evening. The Dodgers have already signed Brandon League to a three-year contract, but could use him in a setup role if they were to add Soriano.

Soriano, however, would cost the Dodgers their first round pick in this June's draft -- no, Zack Greinke did not already cost the club that pick since the Los Angeles Angels, Greinke's former club, did not employ him all season and were therefore ineligible for draft-pick compensation.

The Dodgers could simply see that first round pick, plus the dollars it takes to sign Soriano, as an acceptable cost to bolster their bullpen with a premium arm, but considering they also have a healthy Kenley Jansen in the fold, perhaps GM Ned Colletti and staff have reservations that will prevent them from ultimately signing the 33-year-old.