Tough month of May

Some hitters serve their struggles in April and when the weather warms up their bats warm up with it. That isn't always the case, however, and there's a specific group of regulars that have scuffled in May.

Rickie Weeks, 2B -- Milwaukee Brewers: .127/.262/.182, 18 G

Weeks has just one extra-base hit this month and has struck out 17 times in 65 plate appearances.

Ike Davis, 1B -- New York Mets: .132/.179/.151, 16 G

Davis, too, has but one extra-base hit and has struck out in more than a third of his trips to the plate.

Derek Norris, C -- Oakland Athletics: .135/.233/.231, 16 G

Norris' 20 strikeouts in 60 plate appearances are unacceptable but he does have seven walks, two doubles and a home run.

Josh Willingham, OF -- Minnesota Twins: .140/.319/.263, 17 G

Willingham is still drawing walks but he's struggled to hit for average all season and now the power is gone, too.

B.J. Upton, CF -- Atlanta Braves: .143/263/.163, 16 G

Upton is striking out in 37 percent of his plate appearances in May and has one extra-base hit and one RBI. I'm not sure that is worth the $2.5 million he's being paid this month. You?