Impact of Dodgers' TV deal

The Los Angeles Dodgers will enter the 2013 season with the highest payroll in baseball history, at more than $220 million, a move made possible by a new television deal that could be announced later this week.

Time Warner Cable Inc. reportedly has won a contract to carry Dodgers games for at least the next two decades starting in 2014. The Los Angeles Times says the nation's second-largest cable operator will pay around $7 billion to carry the games, which can pay for plenty of middle relievers and pinch-hitters.

That gives the Dodgers the ultimate in financial flexibility right now, but Mark Saxon of ESPNLosAngeles.com cautions a spending spree can't go on forever:

Mark Saxon

Dodgers’ TV pipeline

"It's one thing for the owners to spend so lavishly now, with the TV deal headed their way and with the odor of the McCourt era still lingering around the team. It will be another thing to keep up the talent hunt in five or six years, when these owners are looking to make their business as efficient as possible, and it dawns on them that reinventing their team via free agency every year is an unsustainable effort."