Will Youkilis return this season?

UPDATE: The New York Yankees have 22 games left in the regular season and Kevin Youkilis, out since June 13 after having surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back, remains hopeful of playing in some of them.

According this tweet by the guys at LoHud.com, Youkilis did tee and toss today, is heading to Tampa next week, and is hoping to return for the final week of the season (and playoffs, if the Yanks make it).

NY has been using Alex Rodriguez and the newly acquired Mark Reynolds at the hot corner, which is where Youkilis played in 22 of the 28 games he appeared in this season (albeit before A-Rod's return). Where Youkilis plays may only end up mattering, though, if the Yanks are still in contention during the final week of the season. As of today, they have only a 15 percent chance of making the playoffs, and if they're out of it by the final week of the season one has to believe they could ultimately decide to keep Youkilis out of the lineup the rest of the way.