A GM rates JaJuan Johnson, more

Over the past few weeks, Team USA worked out against select juniors and seniors from the college game to get ready for international play. The following is one NBA general manager's scouting report on 10 of the players and their potential for next year's draft.

JaJuan Johnson, PF, Purdue
"You want to like him, but every time you go and see him you end up liking him less. He has no low-post game and he wants to be a face-up guy. Can he be a second big on a team? Maybe. But he isn't going in the first round."

Jon Leuer, PF, Wisconsin

"Anytime you are over 6-foot-10 and can make a shot, you have a chance. The process of evaluating some of these guys is hard because during these workouts the young guys are being used as tackling dummies, running Euro sets, and Leuer fell victim to this. He is one-dimensional. Maybe he has a shot, we'll see. But he's not a first-rounder."

Shelvin Mack, PG/SG, Butler
"He's not a point guard, but he can play in the NBA. He's tough and has a good body so he has a chance, but during workouts he was two different players. Against zone on the first day he hit some shots, but during the second day he really struggled against man trying to run some pick and roll. He's not a first-rounder."

Kyle Singler, SF/PF, Duke
"Singler didn't look any better than an NBA eighth or ninth man during the workouts. At this point we get it, he's big, skilled and can make shots. But here's the thing: This year at Duke he's going to look like a lottery pick and everybody is going to fall in love with him. Probably a first-rounder."

Chris Singleton, SF, Florida State
"He was the best player at the workouts. He has looked unbelievable. He's athletic, can make shots -- I mean, he really shot the ball well. He needs to improve his ball handling. But guess what? Once the year gets started he's going to look terrible at Florida State. Bad shots, playing out of position, just like last year. You are going to wonder why he is only getting 11 ppg. Right now he looks unreal, and after this year when he gets back into the workouts, he'll look great again. He could end up in the lottery."

Nolan Smith, PG/SG, Duke
"He proved as a freshman and a sophomore that he isn't a point guard; if he were any good at it, Duke wouldn't have made Jon Scheyer play out of position all year. So if he isn't a point guard, can he score against NBA 2s? I don't think he can. He's another Daniel Ewing, William Avery type. Much like Singler, there is a reason why Coach K is so good -- he knows how to use guys. But once you start projecting these guys, remember that at Duke, nothing is as it seems."

Trey Thompkins, PF, Georgia
"Love him. He translates to our league. He's an inside/outside guy. He was great in Vegas, but wasn't in New York. He can handle it. The game just comes easy to him -- think of Jeff Green. But like Green, he can be criticized for being lazy. His motor is a question but he is definitely a first-rounder."

Mike Tisdale, C, Illinois
"Not a chance. He's kind of another stiff, like Travis Knight. He can't guard the post. He may get looks because he can hit shots, but when I look at him I see Paul Davis and Nick Fazekas."

Kemba Walker, PG, Connecticut
"With an up-and-down game, he is a classic NYC point guard, and guess what? Very few of these guys make it. He has some 'stuff' in his game. When Team USA was trying to set up some of their full court pressure, he was great -- tough and fast. During workouts for NBA teams it probably won't go as well. He wasn't very good in the half-court sessions. He can't run a team and he still can't shoot. He's outside the first round right now."

Chris Wright, SF, Dayton
"Another small power forward. He reminds me of Al Thornton or Thaddeus Young. He's not a skilled guy, he just out-athletes guys. But he is doing it in the A-10. During the workouts he looked small against Team USA. He is supposed to be 6-8 but when he matched up with Rudy Gay and Kevin Durant he looked small."