Potential changes under new commish

In his first news conference as NBA commissioner, Adam Silver touched on a wide range of topics on Saturday. One of the big subjects was the possibility of raising the age limit to be drafted from 19 to 20.

"It is my belief that if players have an opportunity to mature as players and as people, for a longer amount of time before they come into the league, it will lead to a better league," he said. "And I know from a competitive standpoint that's something as I travel the league I increasingly hear from our coaches, especially, who feel that many of even the top players in the league could use more time to develop even as leaders as part of college programs."

Furthermore, Silver touched on things like whether he thinks teams are tanking for the draft, possibly extending the All-Star break to give players some added rest, the salary cap and expanding the league.

Silver also mentioned some changes to the All-Star Weekend that we will see next season in the New York City.

"Several members of the Knicks and Nets are in town studying everything that they're doing here in New Orleans," Silver said. "One of the ideas we have talked about, and it's consistent with a focus on the game, is to expand the All-Star experience to all five boroughs through programs for kids, a series of clinics throughout the New York area.

"As opposed to one focused Jam Session, taking the game to the schools and having a program involving coaches and kids leading up to All-Star Weekend, that's one of my primary focuses."