Gary Harris lock for the lottery?

Michigan State's Gary Harris is well thought by most NBA scouts and he should not have to wait too long on June 26 to hear his name read by NBA commissioner Adam Silver. In fact, after watching Harris work out this week, ESPN.com's Chad Ford believes Harris is a lock to be selected within the first 14 picks and might go in the top-10.

Harris is rated highly as he is a top defender, who can score and likely play both backcourt positions in the NBA.

Teams who might select Harris include Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix and Boston.

Chad Ford

Why Harris is a lottery lock

"I expect that he's going to show very well against the Nik Stauskases of the world in workouts. A number of teams are also looking at Harris as a potential combo guard or point guard at the next level. ... Factor in that Harris is the youngest sophomore in the draft, coming off a terrific season in the Big Ten for Michigan State, has the reputation of a high-character, hard-working kid, and is one of the few two-way players in the draft, and I think he remains a lock for the lottery and a likely top-10 pick. He'll work out just about everywhere from Boston at No. 6 to the Bulls at No. 16"