Hansen still trying to bring NBA to Seattle?

It's difficult to view Steve Ballmer's still-pending $2 billion purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers as anything other than a big blow to Seattle's efforts to bring the NBA back to Seattle.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst explained the uphill battle Seattle now faces with his story last week, and summed it up well with these closing paragraphs:

"With the values of NBA teams expanding rapidly and the demand at its highest point in decades -- there were nine bidders for the Bucks and three groups that offered more than $1 billion for the Clippers -- (Chris) Hansen faces a huge challenge to land a franchise.

"Getting a team in Seattle now likely would cost in excess of $1 billion, and Hansen just lost his much wealthier partner."

So is Hansen still committed to bringing the NBA back to the city where he grew up rooting on the 1979 NBA Champions?