2014 Qualifying Offers: Starter Criteria

NBA teams have the right to control their young free agents, with less than four years of service, in most cases if they tender a qualifying offer by June 30. The qualifying offer makes the player a restricted free agents come July 1 and this gives their team the right to match an offer sheet signed with another club.

The qualifying offer is set by a calculation from the collective bargaining agreement and as part of the 2011 deal between the owners and union, a player can see it increase or decrease based on the "Starter Criteria" rule. For a player to fall under the "Starter Criteria" he needs to:

  • Average 41 starts or 2000 minutes over years 3 and 4 of the rookie-scale contract or start at least 41 games or play a minimum of 2000 minutes in year 4. For a second round pick or free agent signing the benchmarks are for the last two seasons, instead of years 3 and 4 for first round picks.

For the 2013-14 season there were five first round picks from the 2010 draft who were affected by the new rule. Three will see their qualifying offer, if it's tendered, reduced as they missed the benchmarks, while two increased as they hit at least one.