Getting Drummond in shape

One of the prime reasons that Andre Drummond fell to the Detroit Pistons with the ninth overall pick in the draft was a concern about his dedication and attentiveness. However, the Pistons found out quickly that he was very adept at picking up every bit of teaching they gave him. Rather, it was his body that was an issue, according to Keith Langlois of Pistons.com.

"Drummond’s body was out of balance, one side ahead of the other, and his upper body, in particular, needed strength. He didn't stand erect, they noticed, and that worked to negate his enormous wing span," Langlois wrote.

Since then, coach Lawrence Frank has seen tremendous growth in the rookie.

“His work ethic then compared to what it is now – night and day,” Frank said. “He couldn't even do it. His back would get sore with the med balls with [assistant coach Roy Rogers]. The pace, the intensity he goes at, a whole ’nuther level. Now, he’s got a whole lot more gears to go, but a huge, huge improvement – and that comes down to coachability, talent, character. Do the math.”

This may explain to some extent why Frank has continued to bring the rook off the bench and limit his minutes; perhaps he doesn't want Drummond's body to wear down over the long grind of a full NBA season. Still, Pistons fans and fantasy junkies await Drummond's inevitable insertion into the starting lineup alongside Greg Monroe.