Latest Dwight Howard buzz

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, it remains unclear when exactly we'll hear from D12, as Janis Carr followed up her earlier tweet with this one:

"Hold on....my tweet about Dwight's announcement was premature. No need to sit on Twitter this weekend."

Meanwhile, ESPN NBA Insider Marc Stein had this take on the Rockets and how the Lakers might join a sign-and trade if Howard chooses Houston:

"Multiple teams in Dwightstakes, I'm told, FEAR Houston is winning the race," he tweeted, adding, "Lakers, I'm told, have shown level of interest in Asik in past. So I DO fully expect Rockets and Lakers to talk S-and-T if Dwight picks HOU"


UPDATE: Here is the latest tidbit of info regarding Dwight Howard's decision, per the OC Register's Janis Carr:

"Dwight has made his decision. Said he will announce his destination via Twitter possibly this weekend," she tweeted, adding, "He gave no hints as to where, though."


Today may be the day that Dwight Howard makes the biggest decision of his lifetime -- a call on free agency that will affect several franchise for years to come. Our NBA Insider Marc Stein provided this rumor early this afternoon, though it includes all necessary "Dwightmare" caveats.