Kevin Martin's impact in Minny

Minnesota's efforts to land a reliable three-point shooter in recent years have failed time and time again. Drafting college sharp-shooter Wayne Ellington in 2009 didn't work. Using the No. 4 overall pick on Wesley Johnson a year later was an even bigger disappointment. Derrick Williams hasn't carried that part of his game over from college to the degree some thought he would. And last year's attempts to fix the problem -- trading for Chase Budinger and signing Alexey Shved -- didn't work, either. Budinger played just 23 games and shot 32.1 percent from downtown, while Shved showed promise but connected on 3s only 29.5 percent of the time.

The Timberwolves latest solution to the ongoing problem, signing 30-year-old Kevin Martin, didn't come cheap; He is guaranteed $28 million over four seasons. But in Martin, do the Wolves finally have their answer?