How Cavs can lure LeBron back

It's taken a couple of years since "The Decision," but the Cleveland Cavaliers finally have something they lost when LeBron James left: hope.

With young talent like Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller, the Cavs have a lot of upside for their future. ESPN NBA Insider Chad Ford thinks they may even have enough to reverse "The Decision."

"In short, the Cavs have pieces -- lots of them -- to start building a contender," Ford wrote. "Nail the No. 1 pick again, and maybe, just maybe, they'll have a winning argument to lure James back home when he becomes a free agent after the 2013-14 season (assuming he exercises an ETO)."

Should the Cavs end up with the top pick again, Ford thinks the best fit for them would be Kentucky's Nerlens Noel:

Chad Ford

2013 draft options for Cavaliers

"In 2004, the Cavs drafted Varejao -- a hyper, athletic big man who could rebound and run the floor. For the first seven years of his career, Varejao never averaged more than nine points per game, but he made a major impact on the defensive end of the floor. Noel projects as a more athletic, better shot-blocking version of Varejao. With the Cavs ranked 28th in defensive efficiency, Noel seems like an almost perfect fit. He's an elite NBA shot-blocker, runs the floor like a guard and once he spends a few years in an NBA weight room, should be a defensive monster. His offensive game is a major work in progress, but with an elite point guard like Irving running the show, he should be able to get 10 points a night just on lobs."