Charlie Villanueva: Change is needed

UPDATE: Charlie Villanueva tried to downplay that tweet when asked about it's meaning.

“What I was saying is we have to do different things,” he told The Detroit News. “The way we approach things, the team or whatever it is we need to change it. We can’t keep doing the same thing and keep getting the same result."

Villanueva is right that the Pistons play well early in games, but have problems closing them out. As far as his future goes, it certainly is not with Detroit, so he could still be traded or bought out at some point. He will not be offered a new contract in the summer.


The Detroit Pistons lost to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday and in the last 10 games they have gone 3-7. Once again, froward Charlie Villanueva received a DNP-CD and after the game he might have given a sign that his time with the Pistons could and should end soon.