Fantasy Rumors: What to make of Wade?

Can fantasy owners count on Dwyane Wade?

Few fantasy players have been as frustrating this season as Wade, whose residual knee troubles don't seem to be going away despite Miami's best attempts to give him the occasional night off.

The long-time Miami star missed one game in October, two in November, five in December, and has missed five already in January. Despite coming off the bench in Sunday's win over San Antonio, he remains intent on being a starter going forward, as he made perfectly clear on Tuesday.

"I asked Spo to take me out as a starter that one game, but I didn't ask him to do it the whole year," Wade said. "So we can stop that conversation."

So what's this mean for Wade's status the rest of the season, and will he put up better numbers as a starter than he would as a reserve? I asked ESPN Insider Tom Haberstroh these questions, and he raised some interesting points to consider: